The bedrooms of la Raucoulière, comfort and "esprit déco".

La Raucoulière has 2 bedrooms: "Fleur du soleil" and "La pinède", with a total capacity of 5 people. Each of the rooms has:

- private shower room with large Italian shower and washbasin, and an independent toilet

- individually adjustable air conditioning or heating unit

- wifi access

- a courtesy tray with quality teas, coffee, chocolate, and a tea kettle

- Quality bedding.


The 2 rooms are priced at  the same rate.

The price depends on the season: the high season is from June 1st to September 30th, and all  the French school holidays.

The price includes breakfast.

The room "fleur du soleil", can occupy a third bed or a baby crib for an additional 25 euros and 10 euros, respectively .

Our special offers:

• either a  10% discount on the entire stay for a reservation of 2 rooms at the same time, over 2 nights (for a family or a group of friends)

• or  a 10% discount on the whole stay for any reservation over 4 nights.


The bedroom "Fleur du soleil"

This room, with sunrise and sunset exposures and  a surface of 20 m² (215 ft²), very luminous, can occupy a maximum of 3 guests.  The beds are organized according to your  needs:

• 3 single beds for 3 children or teenagers, or for 3 adults,

• either a Queen bed for a couple, with a single bed for a 3rd person

• or only  a Queen bed for  a couple.

Its shabby-chic, Gustavian-style decoration with gray tones warmed up in tones of powdered rose, gives it a certain elegance. An old family wardrobe (1900), from a pension of young girls, limed by Nicole, contains toys and games for children. Old shutters, left in their original patina, close a closet and wardrobe

closet. A small Louis XVI desk and its chair complete the 3 beds and their bedside table. Bed linen and curtains are Nicole's personal creations from  old or very contemporary linen. The traditional wooden floor, as well as the old honey-colored doors, come to warm the whole room.


Price for room per night, breakfasts included:

For 1 or 2 people:              85 euros    -       90 euros in high season

For 3 people:                     110 euros    -      115 euros in high season

For a couple and a baby:  95 euros    -       100 euros in high season


The bedroom"la pinède"

This south-facing room, with a surface of 18 m², opening onto a large wooded hill, can sleep  1 or 2 people (1 queen bed). Its "retro" style, loft, industrial, gives it a vintage look. The natural tones, stone, straw, golden

sand, honey, are illuminated by brown, brick, orange. The materials are reminiscent of everything that is crude and natural: waxed concrete, pebbles, wool and linen, hemp, frieze, and chestnut wood on the

ground. An industrial cabinet with 18 drawers, patinated by Nicole, faces a console and its bistro chair of the 20 s. An old glass door, opposite the bed, opens onto a walk-in closet. The 2 night tables were designed by Nicole and created by Gérard and an ironworker, with parts of old doors with their original patina. The curtains were designed and made by Nicole, in straw-colored hemp.


Price for room per night, breakfasts included:

For 1 or 2 people: 85 euros    -    90 euros in high season